TheGamer News Team’s PC Games Of The Decade

Whatever side of the “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” argument that you sit on, there’s no denying that PC gaming had an incredibly impressive decade. It will be interesting to see where PC gaming goes with the ensuing arrival of the next-generation consoles, but it’s hard to imagine that gaming on PCs is going anywhere anytime soon.

We continue our “Best of the Decade” coverage with TheGamer News Team’s PC Games of the Decade!

Sam Watanuki – Grand Theft Auto V

I didn’t need to get Grand Theft Auto V on PC, considering I had already been satisfied enough during my time spent in-game on the PlayStation 3 (and eventually again on the PlayStation 4). However, the decision quickly became a phenomenal one when soon, all of my time – over 600 hours to date – went to Grand Theft Auto Online. The stability that online play finally provided made GTA my go-to PC title, which I can still be found playing at least once a week.

Dead By Daylight began as a narrative-driven multiplayer experience that pitted survivors against a killer, and has since grown into its own world with several crossovers. Before, the horror genre of classic films might have been enough to overtake this game, but now, it is strong enough to be its own universe. Since launching in 2016, several additions have been made to the core game, and some of the most iconic characters from horror have been added.

Bella Blondeau – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Do I think that PUBG is the highest quality game released on a PC this generation? Nope. Do I think it’s the most important? Absolutely. Here’s a game that became a multiplayer go-to, became the catalyst for Epic to make the arguably most successful multiplayer game of all time, and really legitimized the enterprise of video game streaming. Many people got into the PC scene just to play PUBG, and that’s no small feat. While PUBG is, indeed, a fun game that I’ve played a lot, it’s not the quality that makes me give it this spot – it’s the cultural significance.

Jamie Latour – Civilization VI

The Civilization games may have been ported to other systems over the years, but they’ve always felt like they only belonged on the PC. Being able to build up your own empire and wage war upon neighboring countries just feels right with a mouse and keyboard. Civilization V is equally good, but Civilization VI has a few extra bells and whistles that just barely nudge it over the top to become the PC game of the decade.

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