This Final Fantasy X ASMR Will Transport You To Spira

It would be a dream to explore the tropical islands of Spira (quite literally for Tidus), and this Final Fantasy X ASMR might be the next best thing.

Meeting Rikku

Seafoam Kitten ASMR performs a perfect Rikku in this video. In the game, the character helps Tidus get accustomed to the new world around him and tries to assist him however she can with the Al Bhed. She even offers to help Tidus by saying he can join them. Seafoam does a great job at recreating that happy-go-lucky nature Rikku has. Her caring performance and deep breathing exercises make you feel at ease after a hard day’s work. To finish off the video, she sweetly sings “Suteki Da Ne” as a lullaby. The video is very creative and definitely worth a watch.

Besaid’s Beach

The first area of Final Fantasy X that you truly explore is Besaid, and it does a great job of pulling you into the world. It’s a truly beautiful island paradise you can imagine sunbathing at. Picture yourself sitting in a lounge chair watching Wakka and the gang practicing for the next blitz ball match. The island seems pretty desolate from the outside world with a very small population, so we went for a beach sound that has nothing but the waves of the ocean. Thanks, Relaxing Soundzzz for transporting us to a beach paradise during this awful pandemic.

The Cloister of Trials

Only a certain few are allowed into the sanctum of each temple. You’re either the summoner or a guardian entering this area. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, especially if you struggle with the cloister of trials. I can imagine Yuna and Tidus trying to figure it out while I try to calm my nerves. It’s silent and eery setting might be unsettling for some, but it does bring a calmness to an otherwise busy world.

We can imagine some sort of wind being created from the magical energy in the air and that water is creeping through a crack in the ancient building. I wish it was like this instead of the annoying music that plays over and over. Enviro Ambient created a perfect soundscape for this type of setting. It’s creepy but settling at the same time.

The Thunder Plains

One of the most dangerous areas from all of Spira is the Thunder Plains. Running across this area can lead to thunder striking down on you. While not relaxing in nature, we can imagine you finally getting to a rest area and just listening to the lightning storm outside. Rain always puts me at ease when I’m lying in bed.

During a hot, humid day that you’d probably get in Spira, the condensation from the rain would seep into an open window. The dampness of the weather would gently touch your face as you fall asleep with a cool breeze. After a long day adventuring to find Macalania Temple, your summoner and yourself could sleep easily with this weather in the background. This soundscape by ΣHAANTI puts me at ease.


One of the busiest cities in the world, Luca, would have a lovely morning ambience to it. Like this video by Sword Coast Soundscapes, you’d hear the birds chirping in the background as the city wakes up and business is booming, Luca is a port town, so we can imagine this soundscape taking place near a fish market.

Did we leave out any soundscapes you’d imagine would take place in Final Fantasy X? Let us know!

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