Varwin Begins Open Beta for VR Reality Management System

We live in an ever-connected, 24-hour world where clients can be both local and international, instantly able to contact teams working on projects. This can be particularly stressful for developers who might be working on a commissioned project and the client wants to make continuous changes no matter the time of day. Enter Varwin Reality Management System (Varwin RMS), a tool switch can allow those with little experience in virtual reality (VR) to make basic alterations while developers can concentrate on the big stuff (or go to bed).

Varwin RMS is all about streamlining the workflow between studios and clients, using a drag and drop interface based on Google’s Blockly visual language that presents coding concepts as interlocking blocks. Developers can build a library of objects which feature predefined logic, allowing clients to make simple alterations to projects such as moving the location of a particular item or changing its colour.

Both developers and clients have access to the platform, as such updates are delivered automatically and applied instantly. Developers are then able to focus on tasks that require specific skills like coding, and non-skilled clients can use Varwin’s free sample library to tweak designs to their liking.

“VR isn’t massively applied by business yet because the customer can’t manage content without developers and everything depends on vendors. Thus, VR production is still expensive, time-consuming and inflexible. The same was with websites years ago until CMS showed up. Varwin Reality Management System (RMS) will make VR accessible to everyone. The world changes when information can be managed by its owner, not by a programmer,” says Alex Dovzhikov, CEO of Varwin in a statement.

Enterprise use cases for VR reality solutions has grown massively over the past couple of years, with global brands and companies utilising the technology for training, advertising and more. And they need experienced VR developers to help make their ideas happen. That tends to be a tricky process as ideas can continually change so a system like Varwin RMS might just prove to be a beneficial intermediary.

As Varwin has just launched the open beta interested parties can download the software for free. Head to the Varwin website for more info. As the platform continues to expand, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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