Waltz of the Wizard Teases the Power of Magical Vocals

Ever since Aldin released Waltz of the Wizard six years ago the studio has continually used the title to push the latest virtual reality (VR) technology, with its latest update to Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic its biggest to date. Continuing that trend, today Aldin has begun teasing what’s next for the magical experience, in-depth voice integration.

The Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic update that arrived back in the summer added a basic spell that you could cast with your voice by holding your hands up to your mouth. By the sound of it, that’s going to get a major upgrade so that: “people will soon be able to talk to characters and cast magic using their voice,” the studio explains. That should in turn make the gameplay experience even more immersive, imagine attacking enemies with a simple shout.

Aldin is adding this new feature thanks to Meta’s latest voice command improvements in the v34 software update. Meta’s new Voice Commands allow users to pause and play media in Oculus TV, show or hide Move stats or open the settings tabs. “With in-depth voice integration, the update adds to Waltz of the Wizard’s uniqueness in offering the greatest collection of natural interfaces for a believable experience of reality, combining hand-tracking, gestures and voice,” the studio adds.

However, Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic is a multiplatform title so just like the hand tracking functionality, using your voice will likely be exclusive to Oculus Quest. Additionally, while it’ll be a free update it won’t be accessible by all. Meta’s Voice Commands are only available in the United States with English set as the default language.

There’s still much Aldin hasn’t released regarding this new voice integration, what type of spells will it offer, will there be various ways to cast using your voice; talking normally or shouting producing different effects for example. And most importantly how platform dependant it’ll be.

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic is currently available for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. The update wasn’t rolled out to the PlayStation VR version which is still listed as Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition, this is because Aldin halted development in 2020 due to that lack of VR product updates from Sony.

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