Warzone Bunker Hunt Finale – Nukes, Spies, And Captain Price

We have reached the end of the tapes on pawntakespawn.com, and if yesterday was a surprise, today is beyond words. Players found the final bunker in Call of Duty: Warzone connected to the videotapes. Inside of that bunker was a nuclear missile and a picture of our beloved Captain Price.

Black Ops Alternate Reality Game Overview

For the past five days, gamers have been going to pawntakespawn.com to watch videotapes of events that happened during the Cold War. A VCR at the bottom of the screen will flash with coordinates and a keypad combination. This is how the bunkers were found. However, during the videos, numbers would flash on-screen at seemingly random times and would change with each day, uncovering more numbers. This is where we are in the game now. Players have been trying to decipher it all, meanwhile an official teaser revealed the upcoming game as Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

The Bunker

Twitter user @EricMaynardII shared a photo of him and his team the “Ladlings” getting into the bunker. Additional research found that there is a picture of Captain Price from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on a desk, as well as an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile. Better known as an ICBM, these are known to carry a nuclear warhead. Today’s bunker is located at F8 on the Verdansk map, at the very edge of the playable zone.

The Tape

Today’s tape was relatively normal with the rest, except that this one also only showed one year. What was interesting, was that the sticky note at the bottom of the TV added another backslash for us to go to. When you type it into the search bar of your web browser, you are taken to a message that will tell you how to go about deciphering the codes that the developers have been leaving around the bunkers since Friday.

The Cipher

The cipher will require its own article but suffice it to say, there will be at least one five-word message for players to decipher. As an example, each tape has a series of numbers inside of the video and a colored dot on the side of the tape. That colored dot corresponds with a colored dot in a puzzle inside of the bunkers. If you solve each puzzle you will get part of an encrypted message. When you put them together, you should see a sequence like, “JDCGG EDDAA TTLTG ECLOS OLGDT” which—when deciphered—would be the message, “Resume Cover Await Further Instructions.”


This is where the puzzle masters will have to come in to play. We have several pieces of a code that need to be put together before we can move forward and understand what is going to happen next. It may be a few days before there is anything new to see, while we are given time to obsess over every tiny detail of the puzzle. One theory suggests that—if you study the tapes—the timestamp 8:25 is out of sync, and thus, there will be more information on August 25th. Whether that theory holds water or not is too early to say, but we have at least a week to figure it out.

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