'Beat Saber' Tops the Charts Again as PSVR's Most Downloaded Game in March – Road to VR

The immensely popular block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) reigns supreme once again as the most downloaded PSVR last month.

Having released on PSVR in November 2018, Beat Saber has gone on to nab the number one spot not only in January and February of this year, but also taking the spot for second most downloaded game of 2018 within only a few weeks of launching on the platform, coming in behind PSVR’s regular champion Job Simulator (2016).

Beat Games’ continued release of free tracks for Beat Saber and its recently released DLC song pack, Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1, probably hasn’t hurt its position as the top downloaded PSVR game last month; even with its bog standard set of tracks, it’s proven to be a great example of ‘easy to pick up, hard to master’.

You’ll see many of the same fan favorites below, although it’s interesting to note that the once hotly-awaited Borderlands 2 VR (2018) has nearly fallen off the charts entirely, slipping from the number 8 spot last month to number 10. The VR port of the extremely popular shooter Borderlands 2 (2012) launched in December of 2018, and is only available as a digital download from the PlayStation Store.

Here’s the list for March 2019:

  1. Beat Saber (2018)
  2. Job Simulator (2016)
  3. Superhot VR (2017)
  4. Arizona Sunshine (2017)
  5. PlayStation VR Worlds (2016)
  6. Gun Club VR (2018)
  7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (2016)
  8. Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (2016)
  9. Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018)
  10. Borderlands 2 VR (2018)

Astro Bot has also notably slipped down the chart, going from spot number seven in February to number 9 in March. Unlike Borderlands 2 VR though, which came as a game voucher alongside Beat Saber in a PSVR hardware bundle, Astro Bot was sold as a physical disc in its hardware bundle, which came with a voucher for Moss (2018).

Keep in mind that the list above only accounts for digital downloads, however it does give us a general idea of how well games are doing overall month to month.

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