Blood & Truth Update Adds Rhythm Action Challenges to Final DLC

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Between Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Audica, and plenty more, it’s fair to say that rhythm games are a key VR genre. And while we didn’t expect it from Blood & Truth, the gritty PSVR-exclusive shooter, we’re happy to see the game get its groove on in its latest and final ‘Challenge’ DLC update.

After launching earlier this year, Blood & Truth has seen three DLC updates which have expanded on the game’s core shooting mechanics with shooting-range challenge modes like Time Attack, Skeet Shooting, and Trick Shots.

The fourth and final DLC update brings a surprising rhythm shooting mode to the game. The update offers four stages set to songs from the title’s soundtrack; London Studio explains:

You’ll need to shoot each vinyl-shaped target that appears on the specially-created rig, with more points awarded the more on time to the beat your shot is – and how close you are to bullseyeing the target. To help you perfect your timing, a colour-coded ring will overlay onto a target when it’s time to shoot. And don’t worry about reloading: all guns in this mode have infinite bullets and are on automatic.

Chaining successful shots will activate a multiplier, which is your ticket to earning a spot on the Challenge’s online leaderboard.

The studio notes that both aim and timing contribute to your score.

But that’s not all for this update. Those who played through Blood & Truth’s solid campaign will recall the club scene where there’s an interactive DJ deck that lets you mess around with some music and effects before the fighting breaks out. In this latest update you can now get in front of an expanded version of the DJ deck, which now has six different tracks, for unlimited remixing without worrying about dodging any bullets.

As with all prior Blood & Truth DLC, this update is free and available now!

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