'BRINK Traveler' Takes You on Photorealistic Hikes in VR, Coming to Quest & Steam September 9th – Road to VR

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BRINK Traveler is a VR travel app that, thanks to some detailed photogrammetry, offers up realistic 3D locations for you to hike through and learn about along the way.

Brink Traveler offers up 18 different places to hike around which span a dozen locations. Indie studio BRINK XR says more are planned to release sometime after the app’s September 9th launch on Quest and SteamVR headsets.

You’ll be able to explore a few of the most impressive natural formations in the United States and Iceland, including Horseshoe Canyon, White Pocket, Mount Morrison, Mount Whitney, Alabama Hills, The Wave, Arches National Park, the North and South side of Death Valley National Park, Antelope Canyon, Crystal Crag, and Haifoss waterfall.

Much like the lush virtual outdoor areas in Valve’s The Lab (2016)Brink Traveler seems to combine its photogrammetric scenes with interactive elements to draw you deeper into the space, like an errant rock on the ground or running water off in the distance. Photogrammetry is a technique that uses high resolution photography to recreate accurate models of a real space.

In addition to photorealistic hiking spots, you have a few bits of kit to help you along the way. A trusty compass helps you teleport around discrete bits of the trail, and a virtual guide is also included so you can learn more as you explore. Throughout each section you’ll be able to collect points of interest and capture photos too.

Brink Traveler is launching on Quest and SteamVR headsets on September 9th. It’s also coming to smartphone AR via both iOS and Android operating systems. Check out the trailer below:

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