'Budget Cuts' Studio Announces VR Gardening Sim 'Garden of the Sea' – Road to VR

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    Neat Corporation, the studio behind stealth VR game Budget Cuts (2018), just unveiled their next project. Dubbed Garden of the Sea, the game puts you on your own island in a magical world where you tend to your garden, gather resources, and raise local fauna.

    There’s no definite Early Access launch date yet, although Neat Corp maintains in the game’s Steam store page that it should be “soon.”

    As somewhat of a departure from their development on Budget Cuts, which was done behind closed doors and released immediately to consumers, Neat Corp is aiming to keep Garden of the Sea in Early Access for less than a year from release, making it an iterative process with the game’s supporters.

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    Main Early Access features are said to include:

    • Growing your own fantastical garden
    • Sailing around in your boat
    • Hanging out with the creatures living nearby
    • Solving puzzles and challenges
    • Feeding the birds
    • Listening to the ocean
    • The full production game however is said to feature activities such as fishing, plant & creature breeding, new islands with more plants, recipes, puzzles, creatures, and unlockable quests.

      Garden of the Sea is targeting SteamVR headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

      If you’re looking to get involved with Neat Corp’s next project, the studio has set up a Discord server (invite link), where you can get live updates on what promises to be a unique and whimsical gardening sim.

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