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Facebook announced at its Connect 2021 AR/VR developer conference today that Oculus is finally replacing its janky cloud save system for one that will work with every Quest app automatically.

If you’re a hardcore Quest user you may already be used to saying goodbye to game progress as you inevitably make room for a new app and delete the old—it’s certainly been the bane of VR journos everywhere.

That’s supposed to change here later this year, Facebook says, as it’s offering an overhauled Cloud Backup system that should be applied to the entire catalogue of games and apps on the Store.

It’s slated to let Quest users back up all device data such as game progress or settings, something the company says works “at the filesystem level, with no coding required.”

Many games currently on the Store don’t support cloud saves, but those that do have encountered issues recently.

In August, multiple developers noted that Quest’s cloud save system was malfunctioning. Soon after, Oculus released a statement in its developer forums advising app devs to “not use the Oculus platform’s current Cloud Storage service (v2) as it is causing some applications to not launch.”

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