New Multiplayer 'Star Trek' VR Game Rolls Out to Dave & Buster's Nationwide – Road to VR

Star Trek makes a great basis for multiplayer VR—Star Trek: Bridge Crew proved that much when it launched for consumers back in 2017. If you’ve got a Dave & Buster’s nearby, starting today you’ll be able to jump into an all new take on Star Trek multiplayer madness with Star Trek: Dark Remnant, a Dave & Buster’s exclusive.

In Star Trek: Dark Remnant, you step aboard the U.S.S. Galileo, an advanced stellar research vessel accompanying the Enterprise on a routine mission to evacuate a stellar observatory located in the middle of the Klingon Neutral Zone.

Of course, as with all things Star Trek, the mission is everything but ‘routine’, as a neutron star collapses that leaves the Enterprise incapacitated, forcing you and your team to run interference as the Klingon ships roll in. Users will be able to control Galileo’s phasers, deflector shields, and sensors. Let’s just say the Gene Roddenberry days of ‘diplomacy first’ are taking a backseat here.

The experience was created by VRStudios, a company building location-based VR attractions, and Strange Reptile, a Salt Lake City-based indie game studio made up of veterans from The VOID, EA, Disney, Ubisoft, and Microsoft. Important to note: the location-based game is unrelated to Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a separate creation from Ubisoft’s Red Storm Entertainment.

In a bid to keep users coming back for more, Star Trek: Dark Remnant is also said to include “several completely different endings combined with other elements of variability, including subtle differences in gameplay, randomized player characters, and dialogue that responds real-time to your performance,” VRStudios says in a press statement.

This isn’t Dave & Buster’s first VR rodeo. Star Trek: Dark Remnant uses Dave & Buster’s proprietary multiplayer VR motion platform, the very same that was first used in the franchise’s timed exclusive Jurassic World VR Expedition. 

It’s uncertain which branches are hosting Star Trek: Dark Remnant, so make sure to check your local Dave & Buster’s first to before you pop on your communicator badges and strap on your Vulcan ears.

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