Star Trek: Bridge Crew Surprise Launches On Oculus Quest

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is now available on Oculus Quest.

The surprise launch brings one of VR’s coolest cooperative titles to Facebook’s standalone VR headset.

Bridge Crew allows players to serve aboard a starship bridge in the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical or Engineer with a “dynamic storyline” for the campaign as well as an “Ongoing Missions” mode that procedurally generates additional missions for theoretical endless play.

The game doesn’t appear to include cross-buy with the Rift version of the game, so you’ll probably have to buy it again if you own the existing version and want to enjoy it with wireless play. The trailer mentions that it includes The Next Generation downloadable content which launched separately for PC and PSVR. There was also a non-VR mode which launched for the original game as well.

A Uplay account is required and the title, originally developed by Ubisoft’s Red Storm Entertainment, looks like it was ported by Force Field Entertainment.

Bridge Crew was an early showcase for hand controllers in VR but suffered due to the many friction points of PC VR systems. You need only look at the tangle of wires in the below image to imagine how hard it is to get four friends together at the same time to board a virtual starship together.

Now that the game can be played fully wireless on Oculus Quest, though, it should be much easier to meet up with friends and get onto the bridge together.

It is a busy time in the VR market with Oculus Quest sold out at many locations and Valve Index backordered to February with several major new software releases each week. We’ll bring you impressions and video of Star Trek: Bridge Crew on Quest as soon as we are able to get to it.

Are you excited to boldy go in Star Trek: Bridge Crew? Let us know in the comments.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is available now for $30 on the Oculus Store. 

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