Until You Fall VR Sword Game Gets August Release Date for Early Access

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    Until You Fall, the upcoming hack-and-slash rogue-lite from the studio behind I Expect You to Die (2017), is set to launch in Early Access on August 27th.

    Until You Fall so far appears to be a very intriguing departure for Schell Games. While the studio has historically built experiences focused on educational/puzzle gameplay, it’s been bullish about its ability to “blend various styles of sword fighting to create an intense, real-time combat expe­ri­ence that hasn’t been seen before with VR” in Until You Fall. While we haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with the game just yet, a teaser has certainly piqued our interest:

    It won’t be much longer now until everyone will have a chance to try the game; the studio announced today an Early Access release date for Until You Fall of August 27th on Steam.

    It isn’t clear yet how long the studio plans to keep the game in Early Access, which aspects of the game it expects to update and tweak before a full launch, or what the price will be at and after Early Access.

    That said, from descriptions of the game so far, it sounds like Until You Fall will be a procedurally generated rogue-lite dungeon crawler of sorts, meaning players will battle as far as they can until they are inevitably vanquished, but will likely earn some sort of progress or reward with each playthrough. In that sense, it sounds like it could be similar in concept to In Death [our review]

    Specifically the studio is promising the following features:

    • Arm yourself with two unique weapons and define your own fighting style
    • Each run features randomized rewards, enemy configurations, and rooms – no two attempts are quite the same
    • Customize your weapons within a run with over 30+ unique traits and augments
    • Earn Aether each run to craft and upgrade your weapons permanently
    • A variety of neon-tinged arenas where you can fight your enemies
    • Driving Synthwave (Swordwave?) soundtrack to keep you fighting
    • Customizable field of view vignetting to let you move comfortably in VR
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