'VR Ping Pong' Sequel to Launch in September, Trailer Here – Road to VR

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    VR Ping Pong Pro is the upcoming sequel to the 2016 ping pong simulator VR Ping Pong. However now the studio is bringing their 1v1 ping pong game to PSVR as well in addition to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

    VR Ping Pong Pro is headed to all supported platforms sometime in September. There’s currently both a Steam page and a listing on Viveport, although pricing has yet to be revealed.

    The game is said to feature nine new levels including an arcade, a stadium and a Japanese garden, this time with a clear focus on photorealism over the studio’s previous title.

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    VR Ping Pong Pro also features racket/ball customization so you can style your kit as you play against five difficulty levels.

    Reddoll Games is including player statistics, online rankings and online multiplayer, although the studio hasn’t mentioned whether the latter will be cross platform.

    The game features:

    • Singles Match – (Player vs CPU or Player 1 vs Player 2)
    • Online multiplayer – choose to play either single matches or tournaments with people from all over the world
    • Tournament Mode – pyramid-style tournaments are ranked by difficulty
    • Mini games where you can hone your skills or just have fun!
    • A variety of photo-realistic environments, placing you right at the centre of the action
    • True to life physics, (with full-spin mechanics), make it feel like you’re really there!
    • Customizable Rackets – racket changes serve a practical purpose as well as a visual one, and can alter your serve for example
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