E3 2019: Xbox "Scarlet" Next-Gen Console Announcement Teased By Microsoft

It’s no secret that Microsoft is at work on a next-generation Xbox console. Just when that system is revealed is the big question, and signs have been pointing to the Xbox E3 2019 press conference as the likely time and place. Microsoft has been known to drop a cheeky message or hint at a big console announcement, and it seems like there’s precisely what it’s doing in the lead up to E3 2019. Ahead of Sunday’s Xbox briefing, Microsoft has dropped a subtle but clear hint at a new console showing up.

Within its daily countdown videos for the Xbox press conference are RGB color codes for the specific color scarlet. For some time, rumors have suggested one of the next-gen Xbox systems is codenamed “Scarlet(t).” There are rumors of other Xbox consoles under the codenames “Anaconda” and “Lockhart” as well, which could pave the way for Microsoft to mimic the Xbox One S and X setup of the current generation.

Back to the tease: In the “3 Days To E3” video, the background had the text “R 255,” and the next day had “G 36,” and Saturday showed “B 0”–this turns out to be 255, 36, 0, or scarlet. You can see screen caps of this in the tweet below.

In the past, there were hidden messages in pre-E3 videos that teased Project Scorpio, which turned out to be the Xbox One X. And in the lead up to Microsoft’s press conference this year, we expected news of new console hardware at the show given that head of Xbox Phil Spencer made mention of it last year.

If Microsoft is indeed announcing a next-gen Xbox at E3, it will be doing so during its press conference on Sunday, June 9. It begins at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST (6 AM AET on June 10). You can watch the event live here on GameSpot or follow our Xbox liveblog.

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